NFB is Canada’s public producer and distributor of documentary and animated films in English and French that explore the world from a Canadian point of view. Through NFB CAMPUS, educators have access to innovative teaching resources, new releases, and thematic playlists. Searching is available by theme, subject, or age level. Educators can share curated content through a link to students and parents.

Educators should always preview video content available via NFB Campus before using it with students to determine suitability and age appropriateness.

Some of the films in the learning bundle, “Learning Through Empathy Elementary and Secondary School Media Resources”, are used to explore the idea of how to move from tolerance to acceptance of others, and this fits nicely into exploring queer issues in the classroom.

There is quite a selection of historic and current documentaries exploring LGBTQ issues.

Search results:

  • lesbian -> 11 videos
  • gay -> 8 videos
  • homosexual ->12 videos
  • transgender -> 3 videos
  • homophobia -> 7 videos
  • gay rights -> 8 videos