EBSCO – NoveList

This is an excellent resource for sourcing LGBTQ-friendly titles. Note that there is much more LGBTQ content available for the teenage range.

Book titles can be limited by age range and fiction or non-fiction categories. A short synopsis of the title and the keywords used to find each book are included. Each title links to “Title read-alike” and “Author read-alike” lists. Some titles offer reviews from professional magazines: i.e. BookList, SLJ, Publishers Weekly, and Kirkus.

This resource allows teachers to easily build reading lists, or explore titles and authors. There are also links to Goodreads reviews of many titles.

Some possible search terms include: coming out, homosexuality, lesbian, GLBTQ fiction, gay teenagers, homophobia, gay boys, transsexuals, transgender teenagers, etc.

Examples of results using GLBTQ as the search term:

  • Teens: 278 fiction titles, 57 non-fiction titles
  • 9-12 years: 7 fiction titles, 3 non-fiction titles
  • 0-8 years: 3 fiction titles, 2 non-fiction titles

NoveList has developed 3 reading lists developed for this topic:

  • GLBTQ (Apr 2014) Teens – Summary: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning: the characters in these novels all deal with relationships, family, and coming out.
  • GLBTQ (Tweens) (Jan 2014) – Summary: Whether the main character is discovering his own sexuality or dealing with bullying about her two moms,
    these gentle, thought-provoking reads present GLBTQ issues for younger teens.
  • GLBTQ: Books with Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer-questioning, Intersex, Asexual Individuals, and Their Allies (2014).

EBSCO – Academic Search

This database has some periodical/serial content useful for teachers in building their own background knowledge. Many of the results are from highly specialized periodicals and are of limited use in the classroom.

Teachers/students can fine-tune their searches by combining search terms and using limiters.

Sample results:

  • Search on “homosexual” -> 29,210 articles
  • Search on “gay” -> 75,687 articles
  • Search on “LGBT” -> 13,399 articles
  • Search on “same sex” -> 24,912 articles
  • Search on “transgender” -> 6,467 articles
  • Search on “queer” -> 9,105 articles

EBSCO – Canadian Points of View Reference Centre

This resource addresses social issues of interest to Canadians.

It covers 3 specific LGBT issues:

  • Same Sex Marriage (Gay Marriage)
  • Russia’s “Gay Propaganda” Law
  • Subsidizing HIV/AIDS Drugs

Each issue is prefaced with an overview article that lays out the important elements in a Canadian context, and gives definitions, a historical perspective, and current realities. The user then has access to a range of magazine and newspaper articles that address the topic.

EBSCO – Consumer Health

This database is good for responding to health-related questions, but has a limited application in studying social questions.

Search results are organized by tabs: All Results, Reference Books, Fact Sheets & Pamphlets, News & Magazines, Videos & Animations. (Not every tab appears with every search).

Most of the results are from highly specialized periodicals and are of limited use in the classroom, i.e. Health & Social Care in the Community, AIDS Education & Prevention, Journal of Sex Research, MMWR: Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report, etc.

The reference tab returns definitions taken from such resources as the American Medical Association Family Medical Guide, and BMA A-Z Family Medical Encyclopedia. The Fact Sheet tab may have some material for classroom use depending on the search terms used.

EBSCO – Canadian Student Research Centre (Grades 5 – 9)

This is a student-friendly portal to the EBSCO content.

Students can choose which media forms to explore. Unlike Canadian Points of View, there is no overview essay to give context and it is up to the user to decide how to sort the results. Users can limit results by media source and reading level, and can combine words for a more focused search. Search results are organized by tabs: All Results, Canadian Magazines, International Magazines, Canadian Newspapers, International Newspapers, Reference Books, Biographies, Radio & TV News Transcripts, Country/Province Reports, Primary Source Documents, Photos, Maps & Flags. (Not every tab appears with every search result.)

Articles are from both academic and mass media magazines. Some articles contain opinion pieces, or discuss topics that may not be appropriate for the classroom.

A search with the term “gay” yields 180 entries under the “Biographies” tab, with short write-ups on notable individuals.